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Visual Development for a hypothetical Alfred J Kwak remake

The following two works were made as part of a collaboration between Submarine and St. Joost/MIVC for the program of

Project Soho. Project Soho is a 10-week program that offers students of St .Joost's Master Animation program hands-on experience with working in the context of a studio setting and dealing with real clients. As part of the Soho-Submarine collaboration, we worked on character designs and environment explorations for a hypothetical remake of

Alfred Jodocus Kwak starring the next generation of the Kwak family.

Environment 1: Cozy tree house

Final work of the interior of a treehouse for the young Kwak


Environment 2: Elementry school classroom

A colorful classroom that could hypothetically be a main location of the series.


Personal Project: Sporty Animals

A personal project I started in 2021 combining anthropormphic animated animals and a sport.

The following concept work is for a bouldering goat. I wanted the boulderhall to echo the aesthetic of the alps. I ended up going with one that had a cheesier look to it, as I prefered that as a story element.


Goat dev with storyboard.png
Goat Thumnails.png

As the end product was an animation, I also did storyboards

whilest figuring out the exact look and angles of the bouldering hall.

Final (BG) Product

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